Hi! My name is Angeline. I am a stay-at-home mom slash blogger living in southwestern Connecticut with my hardworking and supportive husband and our beautiful three year old daughter. 

I also have a confession, three years ago I didn’t even know how to fry an egg let alone put together a blog full of recipes.

My Story

Angeline Cosgrove Blogger

Before our daughter was born, dinner for my boyfriend and I consisted of alternating between ordering Chinese takeout and pizza delivery. The only meal I knew how to “cook” was spaghetti and jar sauce.

Then, when I became pregnant, something inside me switched. I knew I had to eat healthier for the little miracle growing inside of me. I didn’t know where to begin. I began buying “lean” microwavable meals. Back then I wasnt thinking about the high sodium. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of it. I was completely ignorant when it came to nutrition.

So I knew what I was going to eat, but what about my poor boyfriend? Surely microwaved pasta with 4 broccoli florets steamed into a mush wasn’t going to cut it for long. I went to the internet for help. I followed recipes created by others. I referred back to the ones I tried and liked constantly until I was able to replicate them from memory.

All of this practice lead me to eventually start developing recipes of my own. Over time my diet had completely changed and just in time for our baby to begin eating her first solid foods. By her first birthday I had lost 45 pounds.

My Mission

During the course of my weight loss journey I gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition and food choices. The most important thing I learned was that like all things, lifestyle changes take time.

My journey is still ongoing and I am still learning every day. None of my recipes are perfectly healthy, some include processed items and other little indulgences. What I aim to produce is healthier versions of what I crave. So maybe I use less salt, or use organic ground turkey instead of beef. I use brown rise instead of white. If I want mac and cheese, maybe I take a smaller portion and pair it with a salad. These simple changes can make a huge difference, trust me, I’ve been there 😉

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